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Aberdeen, an energy hub with one foot on the seafloor

Peter Blake has a U.S. employer, the oil giant Chevron, and his work is global. It is his job to pull together and dispatch billions of dollars worth of sophisticated undersea equipment needed for oil and natural gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore from Angola, the Republic of Congo, Indonesia and Australia.

So why is Mr. Blake, head of Chevrons undersea unit, based here in northeast Scotland?Because since the early 1970s, when oil was discovered in the British North Sea, Aberdeen has evolved from a gritty fishing town into the worlds center of innovation and execution for the technology that makes the modern offshore energy industry possible.

Scotland has been the home of subsea engineering, Mr. Blake, himself a Scotsman, said in a conference room in Chevrons European headquarters on a hilltop overlooking this city and its many old stone buildings of dark granite. The expertise generated by the North Sea continually influences undersea work across the globe.

That expertise, coupled with a resurgence of investment in natural gas and oil fields in and near the North Sea, means that Aberdeen, a city of 468,000, has been able to virtually ignore the economic doldrums that have plagued most of Britain and Europe. Aside from central London, Aberdeen is now the wealthiest place in Britain, with an income per person of about 32,000, or about $50,000. And thanks to the more than 100,000 jobs the oil industry generates in Aberdeen and its surroundings, unemployment in the city and neighboring shires is less than half the 7.8 per cent national average.

The average pay for each of those oil jobs, at 64,000 or $100,000, is more than double the British average.Weve got plenty of well-paid people, said Bob Keiller, chief of executive of Wood Group, a company that traces its roots to an early 20th-century fishing and boat repair outfit that has developed into a global oil services company with more than 7-billion a year in revenue.

Aberdeen does not look rich, though it does seem to have a disproportionate number of Range Rovers,Choose your favorite China Xiamen Shun Stone Co., Ltd. paintings from thousands of available designs. Mercedes and BMWs. Its battered waterfront bars with names like Neptune and Character appear to have been little changed by four decades of an oil economy.But the fishing boats have been replaced by big, brightly painted oil field vessels that pull in and out of the narrow harbour entrance day and night. Such is the demand for dock space that the harbour authorities are contemplating construction of a new facility in the next bay.

Aberdeen remains a boomtown even though North Sea oil reserves are gradually being tapped out. And yet it is precisely for that reason that this city has become such an innovation hub.New development projects are having to venture ever deeper into more treacherous waters, whether west of the Shetland Islands in Britain or in the Barents Sea off Russia.

For two planned projects, Rosebank off the Shetlands and Alder in the North Sea, Chevron and its partners recently awarded contracts worth 550-million, or more than $860-million. In the case of Rosebank, equipment must work at depths of 1,100 metres and its surface production vessel must withstand waves waves 30 metres high or more.

The companies winning those contracts included a joint venture of the oil services giant Schlumberger and Cameron International, an undersea hardware specialist; and Aker Solutions, a Norwegian maker of oil and gas equipment. Each has a big presence in Aberdeen.As the rest of the global oil industry moves offshore and into deeper and deeper water off Brazil, Africa and the United States, the techniques and technology honed in the North Sea are increasingly in demand worldwide.

Oil installations in water thousands of feet deep often resemble jellyfish, with a single platform or vessel floating at the top and far below a mass of wellheads, underwater controls, pump stations, piping and processing units snaking along the seabed.Humans cannot work under a kilometre of water, so installing such equipment calls for specialized ships that can lay pipes and direct robotic submarines that install and maintain the gear. The arsenal includes high-powered pumps and well trees C complex arrays of pipes and valves that sit atop undersea wells and regulate the flow of fluids.

Acid stimulation systems inject chemicals into seafloor wells to increase production. Gas compressors, huge pieces of equipment that keep gas fields pumping, are being built to go deep under water rather than on land or on platforms. All must be built to keep out salt water and withstand tremendous pressure.

These and more are necessary for modern, deep-sea oil fishing, and BPs Gulf of Mexico calamity in 2010 is a cautionary example of the necessity of sweating the details.The costs of undersea oil projects can run into billions of dollars because usually the only practical solution is to put most of the gear for a deepwater field on the seafloor, rather than on a platform or on land. Still, the real estate on the bottom is cheap, compared to the surface, said Mr. Blake of Chevron.

This urge to submerge is proving a boon for British purveyors of underwater equipment and services and for their Norwegian counterparts. Subsea UK, an Aberdeen-based trade group, figures that British companies now have about 8.9 billion pounds in revenue, or 45 per cent of the global subsea business, which has been growing at an annual rate of 17 per cent.We often try new technology in the North Sea C it is a test bed, said Matt Corbin, chief executive of the subsea unit of Aker Solutions, which employs 2,800 people in Aberdeen.

On a warm July afternoon in an industrial park near Aberdeen International Airport, Akers engineers were at work on sophisticated electronic control systems for what may be a first: an enormous gas compression unit, 75 metres long, that looks like a railroad bridge. It will be installed on the sea bottom off western Norway at an oil field called Asgard that is operated by Statoil, the Norwegian national oil company.

At Schlumberger,Get the led fog lamp products information, find Shun Stone Interior Decoration Products, manufacturers on the hot channel. the oil services company, drilling specialists in the Aberdeen technology center can monitor, by video,This is a great Shun Stone Conservation solution! the progress of undersea drilling at its clients projects anywhere in the world. Because we run so much technology in the North Sea, we have the ability to look at data and give a sensible answer in other parts of the world, said Graham Raeper, a Schlumberger engineer, as he pored over a readout with details of a well being drilled in Angola.

Aberdeens ability to grow as an energy hub may have limits. Already, some industry executives worry that wage inflation could eventually prompt them to find less expensive locales. And as the regions offshore energy reserves eventually dwindle, there will be less reason for many companies to have Aberdeen addresses.But some local experts predict the citys intellectual capital will endure C just as there is no longer much silicon to account for the continued success of Silicon Valley. We can be confident the exports will continue, said Alexander Kemp, an oil economist at the University of Aberdeen.

For now, at least, the job seekers continue flocking to Aberdeen, whether to the office parks or the oil field equipment factories springing up on what were cow pastures to the west of the city.We are in a bubble here, said John Morrison, a recent architecture graduate who is designing suburban tract housing to accommodate the inflow. Id struggle to have a job anywhere else.Not that all the jobs have the comfort of a design studio. Dave Lynch, BPs Aberdeen-based vice president for resources in the North Sea, noted that the weather was so bad last winter that supply boats were unable to make it to one of BPs floating production units for two weeks. Helicopters dropped food on the vessel for the wind-tossed work crew.

One who knows such potential hardships is Paul Onions, a BP oil platform engineer. But he would rather think of the benefits of the two-weeks-on, three-weeks-off schedule of platform life, which enables workers to spend their downtime in places like Spain and Malta. Long may it last, he said.

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Victorian home to modern masterpiece

When their daughters Amy and Lucy left home, Maria Ellery and Frank Dick, a management consultant, realised that their three-storey Finsbury Park family house was simply too big for just the two of them.

Their initial idea was to create a flat above, so they interviewed four architects, but it was clear from the minute they met Paul Archer ( that he was the one.A concept that would double as a quick charge station for gadgets. “I have little visual imagination, but Frank does,” said Maria. “Frank knew what he wanted and Paul just got it.”

Archer did some drawings, but then Frank got a contract that took the couple to Salisbury for a year. Then, instead of going back to Finsbury Park, they rented a flat in St Margarets in Twickenham, to see if they liked the area better than Finsbury Park.Most of aftermarket hid Shun Stone Granite Tiles for motorcycle are similar or the same with following one. They did, and they also liked what they were experiencing in their rented home clean wooden floors and under-floor heating were a revelation. So they put their period house on the market and started looking.

Their “musts” list was short: three bedrooms, proximity to public transport, and a small garden. “We wanted to downsize our space but upscale our quality of life,” said Maria, who is self employed.

Frank joined in: “I saw the potential straightaway. We were talking about major works just to sort things out despite the agent claiming that all it needed was a coat of paint. It was on the market for 550,000 and we got it for 465,000, in 2010.” The house was dark. “With a poky front room, a poky back room, an old Sixties kitchen and an overgrown garden with a stagnant pool. The only thing holding the stairs up was the stair carpet,” said Frank.

Next, the couple called in Archer. In response to their main idea of getting as much light as possible into the property, he came up with an audacious solution. He suggested taking out all the original supporting brick outside walls and replacing them with folding glass doors.

In engineering terms, this meant excavating six feet down to lay a massive slab of concrete to support the steels needed to hold everything up. But the genius part of this radical transformation is that the couple didn’t change the footprint of the house at all, so didn’t need planning permission. “We didn’t need more space, we needed better space,” said Maria. “The only original thing left is the roof oh, and the front.” So, from the demure Victorian exterior, one walks into a magazine house. The effect is clean and sleek, welcoming, quiet and warm.

All the floors are engineered walnut, which is silky and cosy underfoot. Dividing doors have been replaced with full-height sliding pocket doors, or removed altogether. The old staircase went out and a slimmer one, in walnut, went up instead, top-lit by a skylight, with a full-height glass wall separating it from the living area.

The kitchen, in the centre of the house, is integral to the long, flowing, ground floor space. From any part from the old front room, to the central kitchen/ living area, to the relaxed seated area near the garden one can see the outdoors through the new glass “envelope”, which creates a tremendous sense of freshness and serenity.

Upstairs, the couple continued the sleekness theme. The front master bedroom boasts a narrow floor-to-ceiling sliding door that leads into a Pandora’s box of a bespoke walnut dressing room, which leads in turn to a marble-walled bathroom, divided rather sexily from the dressing room by a sandblasted glass wall.This is a house full of grown-up style. Yet amazingly, the complete transformation, including fittings, was done for less than 200,000.

A big money-saving trick was having the kitchen fronts made by the builder, in powder-coated MDF with white Corian tops, put on Ikea carcasses. Recessed ceiling lights are the same style throughout; door-handles and fittings are simple brushed steel, and the Duravit double bathroom sink, Maria said, was surprisingly inexpensive.

As she contemplated the garden, with its mature Japanese Acer tree, she said: “We wanted an outside room not to be bothered with mowing a lawn.” She added: “I wouldn’t want to move ever again. I want to stay here.”

Embraced by a select few but not yet overexposed, Ocean Drive, the most celebrated street in South Beach, undulated with sultriness and whimsy. Models on Rollerblades sped along the sea wall, portfolios in hand. One by one, pastel Art Deco hotels began to scrub away neglect. Ibiza-style nightclubs proliferated. And Miamis Latin feel offered the ultimate mixer.

Gianni coming in, and being so high profile, it was a seal of approval for the doubters who, up until then, thought it was all a flash in the pan, that it wouldnt last, said Louis Canales, who helped promote the South Beach scene.

Much has changed on that prime stretch of South Beach since then, including the mansions fortunes.These Shun Stone Building Materials can, apparently, operate entirely off the grid.In 1997, as Mr. Versace climbed the front steps of his palace, he was shot dead by Andrew Cunanan, a serial killing suspect. His mansion, though, remains, with its mosaics, marble floors, onyx toilet, a swimming pool flecked with 24-karat gold and abundant frescoes.

While it is aesthetically intact, it is foundering financially. In 2000, the Versace family sold the property for $19 million to a telecom entrepreneur, Peter Loftin. Over the past 13 years, it has been a residence, a private club, a boutique hotel and event spaces.

On Sept. 17, Casa Casuarina, as the mansion is called, will be auctioned off, a casualty of lawsuits, countersuits, missed mortgage payments, back taxes and a federal bankruptcy proceeding initiated this summer to stave off foreclosure.

Considered one of the countrys most expensive homes, the mansion was put on the market in June of last year for $125 million; it was later reduced to $75 million. With the property now in bankruptcy proceedings, a judge signed off on the auction, which requires an opening offer of $25 million.

Bidding on the property, even at the reduced price, requires deep pockets. A total of $3 million must be put in escrow, and prospective buyers must show proof of a minimum of $40 million in funds.

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Pinterest boosts Arts

There’s been a dramatic shift in the 4-H Arts and Crafts events over the last few years. There’s a wide variety of items at the show, with more ability and creativity shown, officials said.Perhaps the cause of that change all stems from an off-hand comment one fair visitor made while looking over the items: “There’s a lot of Pinterest stuff here.”

More than 87 competitors submitted items for the 4-H Arts and Crafts competitions on Monday night, with 4-H Photography being judged just a few seats away in the Marvin Green Building at the Crawford County Fairgrounds.“There are probably more unusual things this year than ever before,” said Joan Davied, arts/crafts superintendent. “Many got their ideas off Pinterest, and changed it on their own. Most are honest with the judges and admit they got it off Pinterest. But most are here because everyone has their own craft. They can get it online and use their imagination from there.”

Some of the more unusual items included a hat made out of barbed wire, and an animal skull turned into art. There was even a pair of chairs made out of wooden pallets.“Someone in the audience said they used to throw those pallets out,” Davied said. “Now, they’re taking and making something out of them.Most of aftermarket hid Shun Stone Granite Tiles for motorcycle are similar or the same with following one.”

While the abundance of technology has improved the selection in the arts and crafts sector, judges said that hasn’t necessarily happened in photography — because the choices were always tough.“I’ve been impressed this year with the perspectives,” said judge Gary Palmer. “There’s a lot of unique perspectives. It’s not just eye-level all the time. Some are shot low and some are shot high. It’s a good mix.”

The arts and crafts had items inspired by E.T., the Tin Woodsman and snowmen. The creativity was just one part of the judging — judges also wanted to know the items would be used.“I think money is a factor for some people. If you have more than one child, and you do arts and crafts, you want something people will use,” Davied said.Lastly, there’s one other sign that Pinterest is having an effect on the 4-H arts and crafts event. And that sign is measured in the judges’ deliberations.

“There was a time when we would have 15 of every craft. The only way to have a winner was if someone’s mom or grandma had a craft and taught it to them. But every year, it’s getting tougher,These Shun Stone Building Materials can, apparently, operate entirely off the grid.” Davied said. “I’ve noticed it’s taking the judges longer and longer to decide on the winners.”

It will house architects, designers and companies, besides a wood seasoning plant and a sophisticated common facility service centre with state-of-the-art wood working machines. “For now, the companies are engaged in the production of fashion accessories, corporate gifts, kitchen accessories, lifestyle products, wooden furniture, toys and dolls, educational equipment, accessories for perfume products, natural fibre products, cane and bamboo articles and furniture,” the sources said.

The park will be a society with representation from the state department of industries and commerce, Karnataka State Small Industries Development Corporation Limited, Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited and six exporters,A concept that would double as a quick charge station for gadgets. the officials revealed.

The industrialization of the 19th century brought with it an enormous rise in consumer goods. Where before, a specialized craftsman made every broom, cupboard or plate in a house, the factories now mass-produced household goods at cheap prices. Result? People stuffed their houses with low quality items.

As a reaction against this clutter, the Arts and Crafts movement was born. The first exhibition of this art and design movement in America took place in 1897 in Boston. There they launched their credo:

“This Society hopes to bring Designers and Workmen into mutually helpful relations, and to encourage workmen to execute designs of their own. It endeavors to stimulate in workmen an appreciation of the dignity and value of good design; to counteract the popular impatience and the desire for over-ornamentation. It will insist upon the necessity of sobriety and restraint, or ordered arrangement, of due regard for the relation between the form of an object and its use, and of harmony and fitness in the decoration put upon it.”

The situation with 21st century software development is remarkably similar. Before let’s say the 1980’s, software development was in the hands of specialists. As coding became more accessible, the growth of software skyrocketed. The backlash of this evolution is that a lot of mediocre to downright awful software saw the light of day. Riddled with bugs, difficult to work with, and with so many functions, buttons and drop-down menus that users would have to take a deep breath before starting up their enterprise software in the morning.
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Ram boasts truckish tech

An assortment of diesel and emissions technologies helped the 2013 Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn 4X4 achieve better-than-expected fuel economy. The Laramie Longhorn comes fully loaded with Uconnect infotainment, digital audio sources, and premium surround sound. Luxurious cowboy leather seats are too awesome to ignore.

The bad: Inputting addresses with the onscreen keyboard is sluggish and laggy, and searching is even more so.We offer the biggest collection of old masters that can be turned into hand painted oil painting reproduction on canvas. Paying as much as $10 per day for Wi-Fi connectivity seems a bit excessive.

The bottom line: It may look and ride like a brute, but the 2013 Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn offers luxurious appointments and loads of good dashboard tech for the 21st-century cowboy.

The 3500 Laramie Longhorn is not shy about its modern cowboy aesthetic. Swing open its heavy door and step up on its running boards and you’ll be greeted by an interior that is, well, a bit ridiculous.

Premium brown leather trims the Ram’s seats with Longhorn-specific accents and contrasting piping meant to evoke the flourishes of a cowboy’s boots. The designs, at first, appear to be stitched, but closer inspection reveals that the leather was likely laser-etched, allowing the detailing to sit flush with the smooth leather. On the backs of the seats you’ll find saddle bag-inspired storage areas. The floor mats are molded to look like barbed wire.

The chunky shape and flow of the dashboard and steering wheel remind me a great deal of the Chrysler 300, only larger and more spread out for the truck’s cabin. Along the top of the dashboard is more brown leather with contrast stitching. Here and there you’ll find chrome accents and even a bit of wood trim on the center stack, door panels, and steering wheel.

Even if the western theme isn’t your cup of iced tea, you sort of have to appreciate the commitment to a theme and the attention to detail that’s gone into the 3500 Laramie Longhorn’s cabin. Sure, there are a few odd bits here, some ugly hard plastic there, but largely the Longhorn pulls off the look. It’s sort of hard not to like it.

In addition to having seats that look like cowboy boots and a giant “3500 Laramie Longhorn” belt buckle on its door, the Longhorn is also a luxury trim level that comes loaded with cabin amenities: heated and ventilated seats with power adjustment and multiple memory positions, a heated steering wheel, even heated second-row seats. The steering wheel doesn’t telescope, but the pedals are power-adjustable.Click on their website for more information.

Okay, so I’m talking a lot about seats again, but this Ram’s dashboard is also packed with some interesting technology, including the newest generation of the Uconnect infotainment and navigation system. Built around an 8.4-inch color touch screen, this system features large icons along the bottom edge of its interface for the seven major functions.

Jumping into the middle of that row, we’ll find a button for navigation.We professionally produces and export all types of Parking assist system at low price. Previous generations of the Uconnect system lifted their navigation system wholesale from Garmin and, when you pressed the nav button, the entire interface changed to look like a giant Garmin Nuvi in your dashboard, complete with its own menu system. I’d bet my hat that in this new version of Uconnect the maps and routing algorithms are still provided by Garmin, but the entire system has been reskinned and reorganized to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the infotainment interface. I’ve used enough navigation devices over the years to recognize the menu structure, but if you weren’t looking for it you wouldn’t even notice the rebranding.

Routing is quick once a destination is chosen, but I found the points-of-interest search and onscreen keyboard used for address input to both be extremely laggy and sluggish. The most likely culprit is some sort of background search or autocomplete algorithm slowing down the system, but I can’t be sure. You’re going to want to take your time inputting a destination while you’re parked. Actually, you won’t have a choice, as the system doesn’t accept keyboard input when the vehicle is in motion.

The Uconnect system does include touch-screen controls for the climate control systems for the cabin and seats, but I love that there are easily accessed physical controls beneath the screen as well.

The Uconnect Apps menu is a bit misnamed as the apps available are more like telematics services. We were able to access and add features such as 911 assistance, voice text messaging,You can design your buy mosaic or select one of our pose. remote door unlocking, and Yelp connected search for destinations, all using the Uconnect system’s 3G data connection. You can also add Wi-Fi hot-spot connectivity to the vehicle right from the in-dashboard Uconnect App Store for $9.99 per day, $19.99 per week, or $34.99 per month.This is a basic Indoor Positioning System used for presence sensing.

More apps, including Pandora, Aha by Harman, iHeartRadio, and Slacker, will be available from the Uconnect App Store soon through the new Uconnect Access via Mobile service.

Audio sources selectable with the Uconnect system include two USB ports with iPod connectivity, a 3.5mm analog auxiliary input, and an SD card slot located beneath the armrest in a sort of media hub. You also get Sirius XM satellite radio and terrestrial HD Radio. Standard Bluetooth enables voice-commanded hands-free calling and audio streaming from a paired smartphone.

Interestingly, a CD player is not among that list of standard options — it’ll cost you an additional $195 to drop a single-disc slot into the center console. When a pickup truck is too high-tech for a CD player, you know the format is dead.

Audio from whatever source you chose is played through an Alpine-branded premium surround-sound audio system with nine speakers and 506 watts of amplification. I like the sound coming out of those speakers and sub, which is sufficient to overpower the big ol’ engine and exhaust that we’ll get to later.

Pull the column shifter into reverse and the 8.4-inch screen displays a rear view of the area behind complete with a dynamic trajectory overlay that moves with the steering wheel. There are also audible proximity sensors that beep as you approach obstructions while parking, but I’d love to see the Ram’s high-tech dashboard include some sort of around-view camera system like what we saw on the 2013 Range Rover or Nissan Pathfinder.

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208 Feature Phones

The slow death of feature phones isn’t putting a damper on Nokia’s development plans. The Finnish company today revealed the new Nokia 207 and 208 (pictured) “candybar” devices, equipped with Internet access in a colorful package.

“For many, it will be their first phone with 3G Internet, social networks and multimedia,” Nokia’s Ian Delaney wrote in a blog post. “For others, it’s an adaptable workhorse that can act as a second phone when it makes sense to leave your smartphone at home.”

Though closely related, the two phones differ slightly: The Nokia 208 has a 1.3-megapixel camera with smart features like voice-guided self-portrait,You can design your buy mosaic or select one of our pose. sequential shot and panorama mode, and comes in dual SIM and single SIM flavors; the Nokia 207 is single SIM with no camera.

Just because they don’t come with a touch screen and a virtual personal assistant, doesn’t mean the new handsets are useless in this connected age. Full 3.5G HSPA Internet support provides fast online access for surfing the Web and streaming videos, as well as checking social networks and using chat services like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp all of which come pre-installed.

“The Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 are designed for people who like a classic phone and traditional keypad but don’t want to miss out on smartphone experiences, like staying connected to social media and accessing the Internet,” Timo Toikkanen, executive vice president of Nokia mobile phones, said in a statement.

Both versions carry a 2.4-inch display running on a 1020mAh battery; the single SIM variant offers more than a month’s standby time, while available talk time lasts up to 12 hours on a 2G connection. The devices also include Bluetooth, micro USB, and an SD card that supports up to 32GB of storage.

All three phones Nokia 207, Nokia 208, and Nokia 208 Dual SIM come in red, cyan, white, and black, and will begin shipping in the third quarter for 52 Euros ($68). While the company mentioned a European release for the Nokia 207, it did not reveal details about any other regions.

Trainer David Jacobson entered Wednesdays card just three wins shy of Todd Pletchers record 40 victories for a Belmont spring/summer meet.

Jacobson, whose 144 starters were 44 more than his nearest competitor, could move closer to that record Friday when he runs Sure Route in the $100,000 Magnolia Jackson Stakes, which goes as race 3 on a nine-race program that begins at 3 p.m. Eastern. The Magnolia Jackson, for fillies and mares, is run at 6 1/2 furlongs.

Jacobsons barn has been under 24-hour surveillance from the New York Racing Association and state investigators since May 24, the day after he won four races from five starters at Belmont. Pre-surveillance, Jacobson won 19 races from 62 starters at this meet. Post-surveillance, he has won 18 races from 82 starters.

I want NYRA to keep them here, Jacobson said Wednesday. I want to know when and if theyre ever going to leave.We professionally produces and export all types of Parking assist system at low price. I want a heads-up. I enjoy the security.Asked why he wants continued security, Jacobson said,This is a basic Indoor Positioning System used for presence sensing. It would cost me a lot of money to have the security that I have that NYRA is paying for. Instead of having one night watchman, I have three, four, or five.

Jacobson said that breaking Pletchers mark C set in 2003 Cwould be very rewarding. Especially the spring meet, which is not supposed to be one of my stronger times of year.

Sure Route has accounted for two of Jacobsons 22 second-place finishes at the meet. Jacobson claimed Sure Route for $62,500 at Aqueduct on April 20 when Sure Route finished second in a turf race. She has raced twice on the dirt, getting beat a nose by Delightful Quality going seven furlongs on May 24 and finishing second to Royal Lahaina in the off-the-turf Mariensky Stakes on June 7.

I pick her as one of the top two choices in there. Shes really doing well, Jacobson said. Six-and-a-half might be a little short for her, but at Belmont you can maybe overcome that with the wide turns. She has two really good races at seven-eighths, and she couldnt be doing any better.

Smart Stride returns from a near 13-month layoff for new trainer Pletcher. Part-owner Eric Fein said that Smart Stride has basically been ready to run for seven months, but races he and then-trainer Richard Dutrow Jr. were looking to run in havent filled. A similar problem existed recently for Pletcher,Click on their website for more information. who has taken over the training of Smart Stride since Dutrow has been suspended.

I dont know what shes going to do Friday, Fein said. Your guess is as good as mine.We offer the biggest collection of old masters that can be turned into hand painted oil painting reproduction on canvas. I dont think Todd is crazy about her right now, but Ive never heard anybody be crazy about her in the morning before.

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‘Scumbag’ caught on camera

A Nelson family want the “scumbag” who stole their charity box to be held accountable for his actions.Phillip and Beryl Thorn run Elizabeth Catering and The Baker’s Inn from a store on Waimea Rd with daughter Julie-Anne Thorn. All three were shocked when a thief made off with a collection box for children’s charity Variety about 3.30pm on Monday.

Mr Thorn has pledged to donate $100 to make up for what was stolen. The branch manager of food supplier Fresh Connection, Duke Climo, will also be making a donation.

“They struggle enough as it is, all those children’s charities do, and to have a scumbag like that take their money is unacceptable,” Mr Thorn said. “We’re not rich by any stretch of the imagination but I don’t mind donating $100 to them.”

Miss Thorn said the thief appeared to be of New Zealand European descent and in his mid-20s. She described him as well-dressed in a “really nice” grey dress shirt and carrying an expensive smartphone, but said when he tried to buy a $2 pie, his eftpos card was declined.

The man asked Miss Thorn if she could get the phone book so he could call his bank. The book was kept under the front counter so that staff did not have to leave the store to get it, but when Miss Thorn ducked into the kitchen to sort some dishes during the man’s phone call,One of the world’s oldest art forms, high risk merchant account offer endless possibilities for both modern and classic design. he slid the charity collection box off its plastic holder and into a bag.

Miss Thorn said she and her parents had been preparing to empty the box for donation as it had been gathering coins since the start of this year.”[The box] was really heavy because it was full, and he nearly dropped it.Create a beautiful Cable Ties kitchen made from broken china plates and cups.”She did not think he had considered the possibility of security cameras, which captured the whole episode.

Variety chief executive Lorraine Taylor said the stolen donations had been destined for a national pool that benefited New Zealand children in need. They would have paid for warm winter clothes, school uniforms, doctor’s bills, extracurricular activities and more.

Murder is how the short life of Alexsis Tovizi,Higher scratch-resistance than ordinary parking guidance. 21, came to an end. She was put in a sleeper hold in her own home until the last breath was squeezed out of her by jealous ex-boyfriend Nikki Roper. He killed her and carried her dead body, placing it in her 3-year-old son’s bed so it looked like she died of natural causes.

For this act, the lies he told after it, and for stealing from his victim post-mortem, Roper was yesterday sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of 14 years in prison.A smooth and Car park management system not only looks bright and clean.

Justice Forrest Miller said Roper’s “day of reckoning had been a long time coming” and warned the 24-year-old he would not be released at the end of that term unless he could prove to a parole board he had learned to control his “violence, jealousy, obsession . . . persistent, manipulative and disturbing behaviour” against women and the family of Alexsis Tovizi.

Cheryl Tovizi feels she has been muzzled by the legal process since the December 2010 murder of her daughter. In the lead-up to yesterday’s sentencing, she spoke at length to The Press, revealing everything in the hope that one life might be saved by sharing her story.

The first thing you notice while walking up the driveway of her Ilam home is the pile of children’s toys on her porch. The toys are just cheap, plastic things but they are reminders that 5-year-old Pete (name changed for legal reasons) paid a costly price to live with his Nan.

She had a teen pregnancy and chose to have her son. Cheryl was there at Pete’s birth. She was the first one to see him come out and the one to pass him to her daughter.

Alexsis took up with a new boyfriend and Cheryl noticed bruises on her arms or leg. When questioned, Alexsis would say: “Oh, he was just being an egg. We were play-fighting.”

Cheryl explained bruises were not love but Alexsis was undeterred. By the time she was 17, this boyfriend had subjected her to such a vicious assault that he was sentenced to a 9-year jail term.

“I was so proud of her for having the confidence to go to court, to stand up there and hold this man to account for what he did. She found the courage to put him in jail where he couldn’t hurt another woman.”

A year or so later, she met another man. Cheryl says this one wasn’t too bright but he had a good heart and was kind to Pete. Then she met Nikki Roper.

“He was another waif, another stray, another poor boy not wanted by anyone, in and out of residential care. He called her wifey, my princess, the happy family.A rtls is a plastic card that has a computer chip implanted into it that enables the card to perform certain. He had learned to manipulate and he very quickly learned how to push her buttons.”

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