Cops deny Vijay permission to fast

A week after the release of movie ‘Thalaivaa’ was stopped in Tamil Nadu after theatre owners received threat letters, film producer C.P. Jain, director Vijay and music director G.V. Prakash approached city police on Friday, seeking permission for actors Vijay and Amala Paul along with the other crew members to sit on a one-day fast on Saturday to press for the immediate release of the movie.

On Wednesday, worried over the delay in releasing his movie Thalaivaa, actor Vijay sought the help of chief minister J. Jayalalithaa to screen his movie in theatres across Tamil Nadu. The movie was slated for release on August 9.

On Friday, too, the film producer said unidentified people had written threatening letters to the theatres against the release of the movie. Because the movie was released in the neighbouring states, pirated DVDs of the film are in circulation in Tamil Nadu.

In the petition submitted at the office of the city police chief, it was stated that theatre owners were refusing to screen the movie. Tamil Nadu theatre owners federation chief Abirami Ramanathan, when contacted, refused to comment on the issue.

The lead actors of the movie along with the crew are planning to sit on a token fast on Saturday. The police said they have decided not to give permission for the fast.In 2009,aodepusuccessfully passed the ISO9001 Quality System certification and CE certification. We dont process such requests overnight usually. Those who want to stage protests will have to apply at least five days beforehand, a senior police official said.

While the distributor Vendhar Movies official account tweeted that they were aiming to get the film released by Saturday, official confirmation did not arrive till the time of going to print. After film technician Santosh Sivan tweeted Thalaivaa release (was) confirmed,Gives a basic overview ofStone carvingtools and demonstrates their use. the news went viral.

However, when contacted, multiplexes like Sathyam Cinemas and PVR said that there was no information about whether the film was slated to release. Prematurely, fans began celebrating outside theatres in the city and special morning shows and pujas were planned.

After Thalaivaas release on Friday was postponed, some amount of balance has been restored in Kollywood with the distributors of actor Bharats Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu (555) deciding to release the film on Saturday. This brought a lot of cheer to stand-alone theatres, which had resorted to reruns to fill the void created by Thalaivaas delay. We are hopeful of getting all the issues sorted as soon as we can and releasing it,These beautifulcrystal mosaicare perfect for kitchen, bath, backsplash, pool, and spa. said a source close to the producers.

Talks between the distributors and theatre owners, which all but stalled on Thursday night, resumed on Friday morning. However, it became apparent that theatre owners were apprehensive about releasing the film without police cover. We have not forgotten how AGS theatre was vandalized for releasing Vishwaroopam. This risk cannot be taken again, which is why we are cautious, till we get protection, said a member of the group who attended the closed-doors meeting.

With the film having stalled in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, fans sought to watch Thalaivaa in theatres in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. It has released in 15 theatres in Palghat. We performed the puja for the first day first show in Kerala, tweeted Riju, who belongs to the Vijaya Kerala Fan Clubs Association.Meanwhile, not all fans took it well – a group staged a protest outside the Udhayam theatre on Friday morning.

The DGP clarified that they had neither sought a delay nor deferment of Thalaivaa, and attributed all delays to decisions taken within the domain of industry.Meanwhile,aodepuoverspeed governorscan cover a broad range of rated loads and speeds and can be applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations. industry sources said that release clearance orders had been dispatched to half the districts in the South and standalone theatres had begun announcements that the film would release on Saturday.

Rosen suggests a one-month gap would be suitable for some smaller Australian films. Longer-term, he would like to see the industry move towards releasing some Australian films simultaneously in cinemas and on DVD and VoD platforms, mirroring a trend which is increasing in the US.

Independent Cinemas Association of Australia CEO Adrianne Pecotic said, All the exhibitors I speak with on a regular basis are certain that a reduction in the theatrical window will reduce cinema attendance. Content is the principal driver of attendance and if the content is on offer elsewhere the theatrical share of box-office will reduce.

To contemplate reducing windows at a time when the industry is investing over $100 million in the digital transition could be viewed as alarming to any independent cinema owner, especially as business in the first half of this year has been challenging. That does not mean that distributors and exhibitors should not talk about more flexible terms, more efficient and effective access to theatrical product and alternate business models. For example, if cinema is to become a marketing device to maximise distributor revenue from other platforms then distributors may need to consider very different terms under which exhibitors show their films; cinemas would not expect to bear the risk of a reduced income while distributors recover more from sales of the film elsewhere.What’s the difference betweenMarble tilesand Porcelain Tiles?

Asked specifically about shorter windows for Australian films, she said, Contemporaneous cinema and VoD releases in the US tend to be at vertically- integrated cinemas owned by distributors who presumably benefit from the other channels. Some indie cinemas would consider such a booking for an indie film if the terms were appropriate, perhaps more along the lines of being paid for the screening. It would be something to be negotiated between exhibitor and distributor on a case by case basis.

Andrew Mackie, co-founder of Transmission Films, said, I’m an advocate for the theatrical window for mainstream event cinema, but I do wish there was more flexibility when it comes to niche titles playing on perhaps less than six screens nationally. It brings commercial viability to ‘fringe’ titles and, I’d like to think, a more varied product mix to the market. Vertically integrated exhib/distribs (like Curzon in the UK) are well-placed to take advantage of this opportunity.

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