Spring Valley home of Greg and Holly Hamilton

Greg and Holly Hamilton have used creative ingenuity to showcase the perfect space. From removing walls that opened up the family room to adding decor pieces that Holly designed, their efforts have created a warm and comfortable home that is ideal for them.

To open up the family room, they removed the wall that acted as a divider between the living room and family room area. This created a larger space for entertaining and watching television, while the old living room area provides more seating. Mustard-colored walls are decorated with creations that Holly made using repurposed materials. Button-tufted chairs and a black leather bench create the seating area. A tray ceiling adds drama, and crown molding provides definition. Built-in shelves flanking the brick fireplace house the television and showcase family photographs. The white mantel,aodepu overspeed governors can cover a broad range of rated loads and speeds and can be applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations. which displays contemporary vases and a platter, is complemented by a Venetian plaster inlay.

We decided not to do new cabinets in the kitchen, but to freshen the look with new hardware, Holly said. It is the least expensive way to go, plus it modernizes the cabinets, which are in perfectly good shape. Oak cabinets are brightened by contemporary hardware and complement the granite counters. Button-tufted chairs surround the glass-top table nestled in the bay window. A bakers rack holds collectibles, and black-and-white valances that Holly made dress the windows.

I found these plates that I just loved and decorated the room around them, Holly said, referring to her dining room. Decorative plates with a whimsical pattern adorn the round table embraced by four black leather chairs. The bold wallcovering gives the illusion of a painted faux finish. Holly gave her brass chandelier a new look by spray-painting it black to accommodate the decor. A side table boasts a lamp and modern mirror, while a colorful area rug anchors the space.

The upstairs master suite was a selling point for Holly and Greg when they purchased the home. Gray and tan linens dress the four-poster bed. The dresser displays vases and family photographs. I love to relax in this area at night, Holly said as she stood in the sitting room off the master bedroom. Tan walls warm the high-ceilinged room. The plush sofa is angled for optimal viewing of the television. A nearby desk provides space to work.

The newly renovated master bathroom is all about relaxation. The large walk-in shower boasts tile walls with a glass-block inlay. Pendant lights brighten the whirlpool tub with a beadboard base. The double vanity with black cabinetry allows for plenty of room for the two to share.

But now that security started to be an issue, as he calmly puts it, the economist decided to make a change. In 2002, Abdala, who specializes in international commercial arbitration, asked his American business partners at LECG for a transfer.

The first stop was the firms San Francisco headquarters. Then in 2003 he and his family moved east, into a Potomac Falls colonial with small rooms and little light. By 2010, Abdala, his wife, Alexandra Arata, and their children had become U.S. citizens. The following year the couple bought a $2.5 million Spanish-style house on 3? acres in Potomac, certain they could transform it into their dream villa.

Mediterranean-style architecture was part of their shared culture. Aratas parents had immigrated to Argentina from Italy after World War II, as had one of Abdalas grandparents; two other grandparents came from Lebanon and the fourth from Germany.

Though some new Americans have zero interest in preserving their melded heritage, Arata and Abdala were committed to it. Since our families are from Italy and the Mediterranean, we have lived in many Mediterranean homes [in Argentina] which are U-shaped with a courtyard in the center, says Arata, a teacher at the Hispanic Business and Training Institute at Montgomery College and former host of Facetas TV, a discontinued Telemundo cable show. We never saw an L-shaped house like this one, and immediately felt it needed another wing.What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles?Gives a basic overview of Stone carving tools and demonstrates their use.

Thus began a yearlong renovation that would expand the home from 6,000 to 8,500 square feet on the main level; the basement, which they opened up by removing walls, retained its original footprint. Throughout construction, the family stayed in the old colonial.

Thus began a yearlong renovation that would expand the home from 6,000 to 8,500 square feet on the main level; the basement, which they opened up by removing walls, retained its original footprint. Throughout construction, the family stayed in the old colonial.Buy Xiamen Shun Stone Marble tiles at below wholesale prices.

Today, the new wing contains three en suite bedrooms for daughters Noel, 17, and Nicole, 13, a senior and eighth-grader, respectively, at Holton-Arms School, and son, Franco, 15, a Landon School sophomore.

But that was hardly the only change. The couple wanted a foyer, higher ceilings and darker floors. Above all, they craved a large, new kitchen with separate formal and casual dining rooms where they could entertain family and friends. They sought rustic finishes and decorative trim for walls, doorways, windows and ceilings.

Some elements inherited from the previous owners were left untouched: the original wing,In 2009, aodepu successfully passed the ISO9001 Quality System certification and CE certification. which houses a trio of garages; the long driveway and front courtyard; and the beautifully landscaped backyard, complete with swimming pool, patio, multilevel pond and a stand of tall trees.

The lead contractor on the projectwhich cost in the high six figures, Arata sayswas Bill Crowell, whose Rockville firm, Crowell and Baker, built the house in 1999.

He knew all about the original materials, especially the roof tiles, which he bought from the same place for the new wing, and then washed the old tiles so they all matched, says Abdala, now an international arbitration expert for Compass Lexecon in the District. Bill did the same thing with the exterior stucco. He even used some of the same workers.

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Why the Australian market needs to close

Last month outgoing Screen Australia CEO Ruth Harley addressed an industry forum at Melbournes 37 Degrees South film market on the subject of the traditional release window for feature films. The standard four-month gap between the theatrical screening and the home entertainment release had grown outdated, she said. It was time to look again at the time lag C a key factor contributing to Australias record-high piracy habits. Our audiences are already demanding immediacy and convenience in the form of DIY day-and-date, she said.

Her comments were welcomed by distributors, particularly those with niche products. Exhibitors werent so keen, citing a potential loss in cinema revenue. Others claimed it was high time the window went altogether.

While were some way off being able to emulate the US or UK day-and-date models, the prime example being the UKs release of A Field In England, it was something of a relief to have a rational discussion being offered up in the marketplace. It was, after all, high time the pot was stirred and shaken.

Far from the madding crowd, several industry players have been working vigorously, for more than a year, at grass-roots level, self-releasing day-and-date features without agency assistance or traditional publicity models. Social media, on-the-ground guerilla marketing, reaching out to local businesses and colleges, i.e. going out and finding the core audience, and generating substantial word of mouth. A case in point are film-makers Michael McIntyre and his wife and business partner, Kate Clerk McIntyre, of Second Nature Films, who self-released their documentary feature, Yogawoman, on more than 40 screens last year. Their secret: a global strategy.

We intentionally filmed in Germany,Buy Xiamen Shun Stone Marble tiles at below wholesale prices. in the UK, in Japan, in the US C thats where the big markets are, McIntyre says. Australia was never really intended to be a big market for us because we knew the big numbers were in those other countries. When we started post, we realised we had to start the buzz before the film was finished, some five or six months before we were locked off. It was exhausting and excruciating. You usually wait until after youve locked off a film before you do website, social networking and so on. But we knew we had to do it before the film was finished so we could hit the ground running.

He adds: We were taking pre-sales online: we sold 3,000 copies in the first few weeks, which gave us the cash injection we needed to pay off the credit card and keep the mortgage at bay, and pay for some publicity. On top of that we booked the biggest cinema at Fox Studios, 440 seats, did the same in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane, going along and doing Q&As at these cinemas, which was a huge risk. We sold them all out, we were selling the DVDs on the night, making up to $2,000 a night selling the DVDs. Again, a cash injection. Then you get the media, the Facebook photos, the buzz. From that, we ended up doing really well here, running on more than 40 screens in Australia and New Zealand, and making in excess of $150,000, in a market we werent even focusing on. Then we did the same in America, Germany and the UK. Again, because we knew wed do well. So we did screenings in LA, San Francisco, Boston, New York, again we sold out, and again selling the DVDs C again being told wed kill the theatrical if we did that, and again proving them wrong. McIntyre says the key to Yogawomans success has been knowing where the films market lies. If you know there is an audience for your film, he adds, you can self-release. (Oddly, the US distributor had a conservative view of VOD, claiming it would eat away at their theatrical: Mcintyre says they would have done a day-and-date release with VOD, in hindsight).

Another industry player, Steve Jaggi, of Jaggi Shute Productions, is currently preparing to roll-out Aussie teen drama Circle of Lies. Unlike Yogawoman, the film will have a VOD release C where its core audience lies C virtually day-and-date (a three-week, rather than a four-month window, so that investors remain eligible for the producers offset). Circle of Lies, Jaggi says, should prove that self-releasing (or alternate-releasing, as he prefers to call it) with a day-and-date strategy works, provided youve done your groundwork.

From an early stage, we made the decision to make this a totally vertically integrated project, he says. Its exactly what IFC and Magnolia do in the US, and Revolver did in the UK. Companies like Roadshow do teen films very well, and they gave us great advice about our film.Shop for wholesale Granite countertops from China! But with a film like Circle of Lies, their print and advertising (P&A) costs would be huge, so it just didnt make sense. They have to make sure the opening weekend covers their P&A, have stars attached and so on. A film like this, the release has to be very calculated. A film like Circle of Lies, you cant spend $250,000 to $500,000 on P&A, thats a large chunk of the physical budget. Plus, the film has already performed well in the US with Warner Brothers and in parts of Europe through Sony, and theyve gone day-and-date. So we knew this was going to have a day-and-date release.

The roll-out for Circle of Lies will be limited to 15 screens nationally C Melbourne is the only major centre to turn its nose up at the authentic teen drama C with on-the-ground events at schools and colleges with cast and crew, in the days leading up to Q&A screenings in each city.

We decided to do a state-by-state release, looking at the Magnolia and IFC approach to engage with the audience, Jaggi adds. Were offering Q&As in most states. Of course, you cant be everywhere all at once with the cast,Browse our Granite slabs collection from the granitetrade.net! and we dont have a massive P&A budget, we cant compete with the big guys. So we release on August 22 in Brisbane, partnering with local press, then the same with Sydney, Adelaide and Darwin. Then it filters out, in each state and territory. Circle of Lies will be the first commercial film to collapse the window, almost day-on-date, from four months to three weeks.

Jaggi says the paradigm has already shifted dramatically and that the local market is ripe with opportunity, unencumbered by the restraints that the US and UK face. In the markets in the UK and America its very hard to break out with so many established players. Of course, the populations are bigger, but the markets are very mature. In Australia, its a very young market. There are a few dominant players, and there are some rules in place because of federal regulations which are determining how people are releasing films. But the dam has broken: self-releasing, or alternate-releasing, there are now multiple ways to reach your audience.

Film-making has changed from business to business; the paradigm of producer selling to a sales agent and then to a distributor, that has completely changed. But Australian film-makers arent taking advantage of this as quickly as other parts of the world. Its moved to B2C C that is, business to consumer. In a way you can cut out the middleman.What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles? I dont mean you dont use a distributor C were working directly with Accent,Shop for the largest selection of Granite tiles at everyday low prices. who have been fantastic, and you cant do it all yourself C but what it means is, its now incumbent upon the producer to have that direct link to the consumer. They have direct access to the revenue stream. Theyre responsible if the film succeeds or fails.

Circle of Lies begins its theatrical roll-out on August 22, in Brisbane. If it succeeds, the teen drama could signal a seismic shift, with Australia finally joining the US and UK markets in adopting day-and-date releases and, broadly speaking, more integrated and imaginative roll-out strategies. Collapse that four-month window? I think so.

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Paul Borrington can reflect

As from the 2014 season, the Yorkshire Bank 40 will become the Yorkshire Bank 50, incorporating 10 extra overs of nudge and nurdle in the middle of each innings to bring the county game into line with the international standard and, indeed, every other cricket-playing nation in the world.

The last year of 40-over matches has had its moments for Derbyshire C the win against Essex at Leek, the absolute run-fest at The Oval and last weeks home victory over Durham C but three successive Derby wash-outs and the lack of a quarter-final stage were not so good.That might have been a slightly odd suggestion to make at the start of the season because one-day specialist would not necessarily have been a tag naturally applied to the 25-year-old right-handed batsman.

However, that is what he has been in terms of first-team opportunities this season. He was not picked for the first match in the competition, at home to Lancashire, but did pretty well in the next two on the mini road trip to Scotland and Durham and has played in every one since.Before this season, Borrington had played only two 40-over matches for the county he has been with since he was a schoolboy C once in 2009 and once in 2012 C but he made a handy 32 at Durham and 42 at Hampshire before a very good 72 at Surrey in a second-wicket stand of 123 with Chesney Hughes.

Its nice to be in the team and Im trying to make the most of my opportunity, he said.Its a new role for me.Shop for the largest selection of Granite tiles at everyday low prices. I feel confident playing it even though its something Ive not done before and I might take a little bit of time getting used to it but, hopefully, I can keep improving every game and get more confident at it.

Ive been opening for Ticknall in limited-overs cricket since I was young. Growing up there is a good place to play but its a different playing a YB40 at The Oval or Old Trafford than opening for Ticknall in the Premier League.Ive worked on various shots as Ive progressed my career and tried to expand and give myself a few more options, which is, hopefully, something Im getting better at now.

Could this run of games in the YB40 be just what Borrington has needed?Technically, he has his admirers. Martin Guptill and Shivnarine Chanderpaul, for example, have been very complimentary.But compliments do not add up to enough when it comes to making it as a first-class county cricketer and Borrington has yet to make a strong enough case for himself in the four-day game.

He is an opening batsman in the old-fashioned mould, one who will not cast a nervous eye at the scoreboard as long as he is seeing the shine off the new ball, and while that is an admirable approach to his task, it is not enough.The job is not only to survive but to thrive too. This is where Borrington has so far fallen short as a County Championship opening batsman.

Seven 50s and a highest score of 98 for an average in 32 first-class appearances for Derbyshire of 23.In 2009, aodepu successfully passed the ISO9001 Quality System certification and CE certification.37 does not cut it but if Borrington can build on this seasons experiences in the YB40 to expand his scoring ability and retain the best elements of his siege mentality, he can make it as a Championship opener.Five players have opened the innings for Derbyshire this season and we are still waiting for someone to really nail down either of the two places.

Borrington played in 10 Championship matches last season but it only recently, with 107 for the seconds against Warwickshire and 121 not out for Ticknall in the Premier League, started to find the weight of runs to make his case for a call-up this season.With four more Championship matches to go, more of the same is the only way Borrington is going to get into the side.

All I can do is play as much as I can, score as many runs as I can in every game I play and try to get back in the team, he said.Its just down to scoring runs, whether Im playing for Ticknall or in a YB40 for Derbyshire. The aim is just to play in as many games as I can between now and the end of the season.I think Ive been playing pretty well, to be honest, and getting a few big scores to stake a claim for getting in the team and staying in the team. Whether its the start of the season or the end,Gives a basic overview of Stone carving tools and demonstrates their use. they are important games. Theres still runs to be had and games to be won.

I dont think it will be beneficial to me to look too far ahead and say I want to be playing in this game or that, its just a case of getting as many runs as I can and try to get myself in that team.THE end of the YB40 also means the end of the Unicorns involvement in the competition and that is a pity.Their participation in the last four seasons has given players outside the pro game the chance to show what they can do and it was good to see that former Derbyshire batsman Matt Lineker helped them bow out on a high with victory at Leicester on Sunday.

Lineker hit 132 C his second century in six days to follow 107 against Yorkshire at Headingley C as Garry Park added career-best one-day figures of 4-39 to give Unicorns their only win of the campaign.

The interior of the Audi flagship dazzles with its elegant lines and generous spaciousness. Options for the front seats include ventilation and massage. Electrically adjustable, individual rear seats are available as an option for the A8 and the A8 L. The A8 L is also available with a continuous, leather-covered center console. The first-class solution here is the relaxation seat with power footrest. A large number of additional features are also available,What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles? from four-zone automatic air conditioning and power-assisted closing to a cooler.

All components in the new A8 have been carefully chosen and processed with the utmost precision. Each of the lovingly executed details documents the hand-built character of the interior.Buy Xiamen Shun Stone Marble tiles at below wholesale prices. A new range of choices for seat coverings, inlays and colors is available in many areas. New additions include the woods Fine grain poplar brown-silver and Fine grain ash brown-gold natural as well as the leather Unikat, which is particularly natural-looking, soft and breathable.

The Audi design selection offers a preselection of exclusive materials and colors for the interior, including sycamore gray/marble gray. The design selection black/vermont brown with Carbon twill copper inlays is available for the Audi S8. The Audi exclusive range offers additional individualization options for particularly discerning customers.

As is typical for Audi, the new A8 features exemplarily clear controls despite the abundance of functions. Taking center stage is the MMI control element on the tunnels center console. MMI navigation plus also includes a touchpad. The driver draws characters on the pad (MMI touch) to control numerous navigation and multimedia functions.
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New Finland marks anniversary

It was a celebration of culture and faith for a unique group among our earliest settlers, yet it is one that most are probably not aware exists at all.On Aug. 3, people gathered at St. John’s Lutheran Church in the New Finland district to celebrate the church’s 120th anniversary, and to commemorate 125 years since the first settlers from Finland arrived in the district.What makes New Finland so unusual is that it is a settlement without a town, village, or hamlet as its anchor.

“New Finland is not on any modern map, and there are no signs announcing its boundaries; in fact, there are no exact boundaries. But the people who were born there, whether or not they still live there, need no directions, New Finland is part of their consciousness; it is in their bones,” wrote Nancy Mattson Schelstraete, in the 1988 history book Life In the New Finland Woods.

“The boundaries of New Finland are invisible but none the less real. New Finlanders know where Uusi Suomi ends and the rest of the world begins; some who are reading this book, however, will need something more precise to locate it. New Finland measures about 12 miles north and south and 14 miles east and west within the municipalities of Willowdale and Rocanville. It is circled by five towns. To the south are Whitewood and Wapella on the Number 1 Highway; to the northeast is Tantallon on the Qu’Apelle River; to the east and northwest respectively are the potash towns of Rocanville and Esterhazy.

“But New Finland always ends a few miles shy of these towns, and New Finlanders have never felt any particular loyalty to any one of them. The townspeople bought cordwood from the Finns and sold them coffee and sugar but didn’t understand their language or their preference for staying in the New Finland woods. Except for inevitable commercial transactions that had to be done in town, the New Finlanders kept to themselves, working to meet their homestead requirements and providing their own worship and entertainment.”

A. ‘Red’ Lauttamus of Yorkton was among those attending the celebration in the New Finland District. He said his family roots are about as deep in the area as they can get.”My great grandfather and family were the first family to arrive in 1890,” he said.Red Lauttamus said New Finland was clearly defined as an area in the minds of residents of Finnish descent, and they did build infrastructure to serve that community.”There was a country store,” he said, adding there was the church, two cemeteries and two schools (New Finland and Deerwood), “but no town.”

Red’s great grandfather was Gustaa Lauttamus, and he provided some insight into the arrival in the history book. In the 1950s Gustaa wrote an account of his arrival in the Toronto Finnish newspaper ‘Vapaa Sana’, and was translated to English by Hazel Lauttamus Birt and Martin Dorma.

In the account Gustaa Lauttamus wrote, “Johan K.What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles? Lauttamus made preparation for his trip to Canada. His passport was stamped in Vaasa 17th of February 1890, and he arrived in New Finland in March. In a letter to Finland he advised us to sell our property and pay off our debts. An auction sale was held May 20, 1890, when all our property was sold for next to nothing. I can well remember what it felt like to leave our home when even the strangers at our auction seemed to find we were in their way. Mother said, ‘Let’s go to my sister’s.’ That was the last time we stepped into our old home. I noticed how much mother had suffered

“We arrived in Canada on the 24th of July 1890. We were the first family in the locality that was later named New Finland. Here were only D. J. Kautonen and J. K. Lauttamus. Albin Kervinen and Erik Erikson (two Swedes) arrived soon after. These men wrote a letter if inducement that was distributed all around. Real settlement commenced the following year, 1891. The year before we were the only family here. The family consisted of mother, Sanna Liisa (nee Iso Somppi). My sister Wilhelmiina, Kautaa, Kaarlo and Aukusti. I was the oldest of the boys, so whenever anything was needed I was the first one on call. Now I am the only living member of the family.”

At its peak Red Lauttamus said there “was probably 200, or so Finlanders there,” although today “there’s maybe 40-50 that can actually trace their linage back.”In terms of keeping the community alive, and in recording its past Red said the New Finland Historical and Heritage Society has been a key.The Society annually hosts a picnic which brings local descendants back together. The picnic is held each spring in June “to celebrate the longest day of the year,” explained Red, and with the larger milestone this year the festivities attracted about 150 from all over.

“I saw one license plate from Texas,” said Red Lauttamus, “and I had cousins from B.C., one from Winnipeg and one from Thunder Bay.”The history book includes information on when the area first garnered attention outside the local settlement.”Probably the earliest reference to New Finland in print occurs in 1891 in the annual report of the federal Department of Agriculture, then responsible for immigration. It was written by C. K. Hendrickson, an immigration agent for the C.P.R. and later for the Dominion government. He lived first in Winnipeg,Gives a basic overview of Stone carving tools and demonstrates their use. then in Whitewood, and finally north of Whitewood on his own homestead. He did not settle in New Finland, though apparently he was born in New Finland himself. Note that he did active recruitment among the Finns to increase their numbers in the ‘colony’ as he called it:

“New Finland is another colony which I located two years ago, while in employ of the Canadian Pacific Immigration Department in Winnipeg. This colony is situated north of Wapella, in Townships 17 and 18 in Range 1, and 17 and 18 in Range 33, and now has a population of about fifty souls, all Finns, the most part of whom have arrived from the United States, and only three families direct from Finland.

“Until this spring there were only three families, consisting of ten souls, in the colony, but by my special effort during the last winter and spring, when traveling in the neighbouring states of Minnesota and Dakota, on immigration business, on behalf of the C.P.R., I induced several of the families in those states to the new colony.

“This is the first and the only place in the North-West where there are any settlers of Finnish nationality, although several thousand of them have now settled in the neighbouring republic during the last 20 years. These people are particularly hard-working, saving, and industrious, and therefore they can not only get along, but even make a success of farming, with very limited means, where an English-speaking individual with a good-sized capital would starve.”

New Finland might not have been the best homestead lands available, but it was an area which provided for the settler’s needs well.Florence Luhtala discussed the situation in the area’s history book.”The modern farmer shakes his head and often says, Why did David Jeremiah Kautonen, the first settler in New Finland, choose this forsaken area to settle? The only things here are trees and rocks! How true, but if we take a second look at the past, we can’t help but see how the trees have helped all of us to prosper.

“During the very early days, when a settler moved into our Finnish district, he had little to begin with. If he didn’t have an axe he could readily buy one, and that axe made his living for him. The first thing would be a roof over his head, and that was done with the trees at hand. The lack of coins jingling in his pocket made him realize how he needed staples to survive. The bush again provided for his need. He could make cordwood and take it into town to be shipped by train wherever it was needed. If a train wasn’t available to load the wood onto, a merchant would willingly stockpile his load alongside the store or railway and give the man food in exchange. Wood could be hauled any time of the year; however, most was hauled in winter, when other jobs weren’t pressing. ‘Credit’ was a shameful word, an no one would think of asking for it unless he was too ill to swing an axe.Buy Xiamen Shun Stone Marble tiles at below wholesale prices. As the woodland was cleared, we gradually got some good fertile soils that have provided many bountiful harvests.Shop for the largest selection of Granite tiles at everyday low prices.In 2009, aodepu successfully passed the ISO9001 Quality System certification and CE certification.”

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Erdogans Israel-Bashing Puts

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogans anti-Israel rhetoric is jeopardizing his ambition to make Turkey a regional energy hub, as political uncertainty obstructs a natural gas pipeline deal.

Erdogan linked Israel on Aug. 20 to the Egyptian armys overthrow of Islamist former President Mohamed Mursi, prompting rare condemnation from the U.S. of its only Muslim-majority ally in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Turkey cut diplomatic ties with Israel in 2010 after Israeli soldiers raided an aid ship seeking to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip in 2010, killing nine Turks on board.

Rising tensions between the former allies risk the ability of Israels Delek Group (DLEKG) and Turkeys Zorlu Holding AS to negotiate a pipeline from Israel to Turkey that could feed markets in Europe. While trade has been resilient to the souring of diplomatic ties, building the $2 billion pipeline requires inter-government cooperation for a long-term commercial agreement. Their inability to complete a pipeline deal would hurt Turkish ambitions to become a regional transit center and mean continued dependence on Russia and Iran for gas.

When the politics go wrong, the whole project breaks down, Robin Mills, head of consulting at Manaar Energy Consulting in Dubai, said by phone yesterday. Even if its done by private investors, they would want government protection.

Erdogan lashed out against Israel this week for promoting the argument that elections alone dont make a democracy, an argument he said was behind the fall of Mursis elected government in Egypt on July 3.

What are they saying about Egypt? he asked members of his ruling Justice and Development Party at an Ankara meeting. That democracy is not about the ballot box. Whos behind this? Israel. He said he had documents proving the link between the coup and Israel. Erdogans adviser Yigit Bulut published a column in Star newspaper the next day saying the prime minister had revealed a very important truth.

An official in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus office, asking not to be identified because he wasnt authorized to comment on the record, dismissed the remarks as nonsense. The Egyptian cabinet said in an e-mailed statement that Erdogans statements on Israels involvement were baseless. In Washington, White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest condemned the remarks, saying they were offensive, unsubstantiated and wrong.

Israels Delek is talking with potential partners for a gas export pipeline to Turkey under the Mediterranean Sea. While the proposal aligns with Ankaras ambitions to serve as a regional gas hub and secure energy sources for its expanding economy, Erdogans government says a resolution of political problems after the aid ship killings is key to its feasibility.

Its good that the private sector is taking responsibility for this project, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said in a televised interview on August 14. However, the projects commercial feasibility will only be possible after the political feasibility is established.

Trade ties between Turkey and Israel, excepting canceled military contracts,Choose your favorite China Granite Countertops paintings from thousands of available designs. have escaped the turbulence unscathed, with trade volume up 18 percent during the two years that followed the flotilla killings.Shop for wholesale Granite countertops from China! Trade in the first six months of this year grew by a third to $2.4 billion as Israels Netanyahu apologized for the deaths on March 22. Turkey still demands compensation for the victims and an end to the blockade of Gaza before restoration of diplomatic ties.

Weve seen that the political disagreements over the past few years have been kept separate from business dealings, Menashe Carmon, chairman of the Tel Aviv-based Israel Turkey Business Council, said by phone yesterday. However, projects such as a pipeline involve governments, not just the private sector, and there are strategic considerations involved in whether Israel will sell Turkey gas.

While Turkeys almost $800 billion economy is the biggest in the Middle East, it imports almost all of its energy. Natural gas imports account for more than 95 percent of total gas supplies and almost half of the electricity it produces. Imports will increase by 20 percent through 2023 from last years 43 billion cubic meters, according to the Energy Ministry.What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles?

While Turkey has a contract with Iran for 10 billion cubic meters annually through 2021,Browse our Granite slabs collection from the granitetrade.net! actual imports usually remain below the contracted amount due to winter cold snaps in Iran. Without Israel, Turkey may need to turn to Qatar or potential future exporters the U.S. or Iraq for more gas. Turkey also imports from Azerbaijan, Russia, Algeria and Nigeria.Shop for the largest selection of Granite tiles at everyday low prices.

Delek, one of the firms developing the 29 trillion cubic feet offshore gas fields Tamar and Leviathan in Israel, is in negotiations for the pipeline project with Turkeys Zorlu Enerji (ZOREN), a Turkish energy ministry official familiar with the talks told Bloomberg on Aug. 14. Both Zorlu, which has stakes in three power plants in Israel, and Delek declined to comment on the talks.

The Israeli governments gas policy puts aside 14 trillion cubic feet of its total 33 trillion cubic feet of reserves for export, Martijn Murphy, a Wood Mackenzie Ltd consultant, said by phone Aug. 15. While the policy is being challenged by the Israeli opposition in court, the export amount probably wont be revised as the oppositions chief concern is the lack of transparency in setting the policy, Murphy said. Israeli gas is sweet and dry, which means production costs are lower than gas produced in most countries in the Gulf region, Murphy said.

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Progress continuing for Helena schools

With kids back in the classroom and statewide test scores announced, its time for the annual community ritual of evaluating our school districts progress. Time, too, for the annual rush to simultaneously bemoan both too low test scores and our overreliance on standardized testing.

While our latest district test scores certainly have room for improvement, they far from tell the whole story.Choose your favorite China Granite Countertops paintings from thousands of available designs.Shop for wholesale Granite countertops from China! Its a tale of a work in progress and all-around effort to up the game. The theme of the new school year in the St. Helena Unified School District seems to be under construction. That goes for three key areas: the physical facilities, the unified curriculum and the technological infrastructure to support learning.

Several building projects, funded by two recent bond measures, are in varying stages of progress. Major renovations are under way at RLS Middle School. St. Helena High School is just settling into some new buildings at the same time a new pool and auditorium are in the pipeline. The district is dramatically broadening its technological infrastructure and bringing its classrooms into the information age.

And perhaps most important, the districtwide curriculum, shorn now of its previous associations with International Baccalaureate, Multi-Age Program and Spanish/English Dual Immersion classes, is emerging around the adoption of the Common Core, a new set of national standards that emphasizes critical thinking, interdisciplinary techniques and the integration of learning and technology.Shop for the largest selection of Granite tiles at everyday low prices.

Last years STAR test scores, following a few years of strong gains, were generally disappointing, showing that while more students are learning at basic grade level, the number of proficient and advanced students declined. These mixed results arent consistent with the districts good to great mantra, and it remains to be seen whether the Common Core will help.

The Star believes its crucial for the school district to define specific metrics of success. The standardized STAR test as we know it is probably a thing of the past, so the district needs to set new benchmarks for student achievement.What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles?Once those benchmarks are set, its up to the community to hold district officials and trustees accountable for meeting those targets while adhering to the mandatory Common Core standards.

Based on last weeks editorial board meeting with Superintendent Bill McGuire, Assistant Superintendent Cindy Toews, high school Principal Ben Scinto and trustee Jeannie Kerr, heres one example of how the Common Core works: Instead of reading Heart of Darkness and listening to a lecture about Joseph Conrads themes and literary techniques, kids will read the novel, read a nonfiction piece about the economics of colonialism, watch a documentary about Africa and then talk about their differing perspectives.

The increased focus on nonfiction has been the most ballyhooed feature of the Common Core, but this curriculum also involves a new take on math, which McGuire identified as the districts most crucial academic issue.

Instead of being taught one way to come up with a sum or quotient, students will be shown several different ways. Then, regardless of which technique they use to solve the problem, theyll be asked to prove their answer. The Common Core math curriculum also forces students to draw on their reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

The districts technological improvements, a major upgrade funded by Measure C, go hand in hand with the Common Core. Since kids seem to spend most of their free time on their cellphones anyway, classroom technology for its own sake is of limited value. The ultimate goal is to boost student achievement by teaching kids in ways that are meaningful to them.

A pilot program in grades 5, 6 and 9 has put Google Chromebooks in the hands of each student. The $250 laptops, purchased via Measure Cs technology endowment, dont need hard drives and are entirely Internet-based teachers can beam textbooks, lessons and videos directly into their students palms.

Meanwhile, teachers are getting new laptops and access to a new 21st-century classroom at the elementary school. Its basically a high-tech training room where teachers can get comfortable with an array of technological tools, then put them to work in their own classrooms. Students also can take advantage of the classroom for hands-on multimedia lessons and projects.

The district hopes eventually to put computers probably mobile devices like iPads or Chromebooks into the hands of every student from third grade on up.

With all these transitions under way, its tempting to look at last years test scores as a result of too many changes in too short a time. But that doesnt factor in the downward trend seen in test scores around the state last year or the statistical sensitivity borne by our districts relatively low sample sizes. It also ignores the fact that many of the changes that are happening in St. Helenas schools a renewed focus on math, more technology, new and improved facilities are indisputably positive.

So while the test scores are disappointing, theyre not a harbinger of doom. We continue to have faith in our public schools, their active leadership and dedicated teaching staff. All the educational pieces are there, but its up to our teachers, administrators and trustees to help our parents and students put them together.

In the high greenhouse gas emissions scenario, most of Africa, Central America, and northern South America will experience 3-sigma extreme heat events for close to 100 percent of the summer. They will become the norm. Even extreme 5-sigma heat events, which are currently exceptionally rare, will become relatively commonplace, especially near the equator.

On the other hand, in the scenario where we take major steps to reduce human greenhouse gas emissions (left frames in Figure 1), 3-sigma events will still be relatively rare by the late 21st century, especially outside of the tropics. Extreme 5-sigma events will become somewhat more commonplace near the equator, but will remain fairly rare occurrences globally.

In short, damaging summer extreme heat events are going to become more commonplace, but just how much more commonplace is up to us. While it’s difficult to determine how climate change will impact some types of extreme weather (tornadoes, for example), the link between global warming and heat waves is quite clear. Increasing global temperatures will make (and have already made) extreme heat events more commonplace.

The longer we continue to rely on fossil fuels and the higher our greenhouse gas emissions, the more extreme heat we’ll lock in.Browse our Granite slabs collection from the granitetrade.net! If we manage to take serious action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we can limit global warming to a level where extreme heat events will become more commonplace, but to a level we can manage to adapt to.

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International fests are hungry for Indian stories

This New York University dropout always wanted to be a filmmaker, but it wasn’t until his mid-20s that he realised that it’s now or never. His first feature film, which was originally meant to be a documentary, went on to win accolades at the Cannes International Film Festival this year. Ritesh Batra has carried his Lunchbox to several festivals all over the world and is finally releasing the film in India in September. The filmmaker talks about his debut film, being backed by Anurag Kashyap and Karan Johar, and his eagerness to see the Indian audience’s reaction to it.

Having made several short films, this Mumbai-born filmmaker was planning to make a documentary on dabbawallahs in the city. “I was working on a documentary on the dabbawallahs. I observed them for a week,These beautiful crystal mosaic are perfect for kitchen, bath, backsplash, pool, and spa. became friends with them. All the dabbawallahs I made friends with are in the film actually. The film is a love story, but the dabbawallahs form the connection between the protagonists. There were small little stories arising while working on the documentary which gave birth to the feature film,” says Ritesh. The film revolves around a lonely widower and a housewife, who are accidentally connected by a mistaken delivery.

Starring Irrfan and Nimrat Kaur in the lead, it has several producers backing it, including Anurag Kashyap and Oscar-winning filmmaker Danis Tanovic. “Anurag’s company was the first to come on board. We took it to many film markets in festivals in France and Germany. That’s how Danis Tanovic came on board. He felt strongly about the film and decided to be a co-producer,” says Ritesh, Directed by AL Vijay, “Thalaivaa” boasts of an interesting star cast including Vijay, Amala Paul,These beautiful crystal mosaic are perfect for kitchen, bathadding that shooting the film was quite difficult. “Since this was my first feature film, the shoot required a lot of stamina and focus. Mumbai is incredibly difficult to shoot in, in terms of permissions and commuting. I grew as a filmmaker during this process,” he says.

The film was screened at the Critics’ Week at Cannes and went on to win the Viewer’s Choice Award as well. “Cannes is the biggest film festival in the world. It’s a huge market. It connected us to the global art-house market. The premiere there was overwhelming – we got a standing ovation. We had people shouting dialogues from the film at us from across the streets while walking there. The film got sold to every territory in the world. I wasn’t expecting so much love for the film,” says Ritesh.

Having been to several festivals around the world and heading to a few more, including the Toronto International Film Festival, Ritesh says that there is a hunger for Indian stories abroad. “It is important that our films sell abroad. Lunchbox’s North American and UK rights have been sold, a bigger window has been opened now and distributors from all over the world have bought the film. It’s releasing in Germany in November and in France over Christmas. It’s important to be seen at festivals like Cannes and Berlinale. We are actually hot property in the global film market. There is a hunger for stories that are local and rooted in India. Festivals around the world want to showcase such films and it is very important that the film does business at the festival,” he says, adding that the film’s local flavour is its USP.

“The film is very Indian, very specific and local, such a story can only happen in India. The characters are rooted in India. If it’s extremely local, then it automatically becomes global. We need to make more local and specific films for our audience, with an Indian heart and soul.aodepu overspeed governors can cover a broad range of rated loads and speeds and can be applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations. If they are local and honest enough, then they will automatically become universal,” says Ritesh, who also won the Best Director award at the recently concluded Odessa International Film Festival in Ukraine. The film opened the World Cinema Festival in Amsterdam on August 7, where it won the World Cinema Amsterdam Audience Award, and it will also be the closing film in the forthcoming Sarajevo Film Festival.

Ritesh has also roped in Karan Johar as a presenter for the film’s Indian release. Says Ritesh, “Karan is the best person to represent a love story. We make so many films in India; what we need is a curator like him to give the film a platform so that it reaches the audience it deserves.”

“There is no structure or ecosystem for arthouse cinema in India yet. Making films like these and finding an audience doesn’t happen overnight. It took a decade to happen in the US . It’s the beginning of a beginning but it helps to have someone like Karan come on board and endorse a film because he has relationship with the audience. If he’s saying the film is good, then people won’t think they’d waste time by going for it,” he adds.Upgrade your home today!Gives a basic overview of Stone carving tools and demonstrates their use.

Ritesh always wanted to become a filmmaker, but didn’t give it a shot until his mid-20s. “I was studying in NYU, then I dropped out of that and started making short films. The Sundance Institute helped me a lot, my script was accepted in their Screenwriters Lab. I always wanted to become a filmmaker, but growing up in middle-class India, you don’t always think you can make it. But by the time I was in my mid-twenties, I realised if I wanted to make it, this was the time to make it happen. So, I worked on my direction, quit my job, and went to film school,” says the director.

Oscilloscope Laboratories announced today that it has acquired North American rights to Academy Award-nominated director Dan Krauss powerful and incendiary documentary THE KILL TEAM.Bring the beauty of nature into your home and enhance your tile designs with natural stone tiles and Xiamen Shun Stone Granite slabs. THE KILL TEAM premiered at this years Tribeca Film Festival to widespread critical acclaim, and won the festivals Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary. The film has also screened at HotDocs, AFI Docs, and the San Francisco International Film Festival, where it picked up yet another jury prize. Oscilloscope will release the film in 2014.

Equal parts infuriating and illuminating, THE KILL TEAM looks at the devastating moral tensions that tear at soldiers psyches through the lens of one highly personal and emotional story. Private Adam Winfield was a 21-year-old soldier in Afghanistan when he attempted with the help of his father to alert the military to heinous war crimes his platoon was committing. But Winfields pleas went unheeded. Left on his own and with threats to his life, Private Winfield was himself drawn into the moral abyss, forced to make a split-second decision that would change his life forever.

With extraordinary access to the key individuals involved in the case C including Private Winfield, his passionately supportive parents, and Winfields startlingly candid compatriots in the so-called Kill Team Krauss expertly constructs a film that is a balanced and nuanced look at the personal stories so often lost inside the larger coverage of the longest war in US history.

About the acquisition, O-scopes David Laub and Dan Berger said, THE KILL TEAM is an extraordinarily powerful and brave film. It perfectly balances the political with the personal, and is one of the most honest, heartbreaking, and important documentaries we have ever seen. We are extremely proud to be behind this film and to be bringing this absolutely essential story to a wider audience.
Filmmaker Dan Krauss said, Oscilloscope is an amazing curator of films that grab you emotionally and then make you think. To have THE KILL TEAM become a part of this tradition is an extraordinary honor.

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August Soundtrack Picks

Seemingly as prolific at composing genre TV scores as NASA had Apollo launches back in the day, Bear McCreary has been blasting off into the terrestrial and space-bound unknown with mixed messages of wonder and dread with every series from Da Vincis Demons to Defiance. But its Europa Report that just might be his best sci-fi flight, not only representing an auspicious journey into the cinematic firmament where his talent truly belongs, but also the physical start of his the composers own Sparks & Shadows label.

Among the many ironies of Europa Report is that its essentially a found footage movie,These beautiful crystal mosaic are perfect for kitchen, bath, backsplash, pool, and spa. its trip to moon of Jupiter last visited on screen in 2010 told here via shipboard cameras and televised interviews. Yet unlike practically every other movie in the mostly over-exposed FF genre, nothing about this hugely ambitious movie registers as small screen, especially due to McCrearys vast-sounding score. Having shown a predilection for Phillip Glass-ian music in his work for the far darker space trek of Battlestar Galactica, McCreary really lets his taste for floating melodies shine with a beautiful theme thats all about the sense of wonder at discovering new life. Yet underneath this languorously memorable theme is an insistent electronic pulse, promising that things will go amiss upon landing. Its this haunting mixture of hope and dread that that fills Europa Report. McCreary lets his theme drift like the cosmic winds, or plays it on a solo piano, reaching transcendence as Raya Yarbroughs voice wraps about the lush orchestras discovery of water. But ultimately, its what lies beneath the ice that propels Europa. Eerie electronics, tap-tap percussion and an urgently rhythmic orchestra tell us that its far from friendly, ratcheting up the ticking clock suspense, but thankfully without tipping the music into outright alien horror territory. McCreary understands that tragedy comes with the job, but is somehow worth it, an ultimate finding that lets him bring a noble, and moving emotional component to this exceptional score, and film, that truly warrants its A.

Not nearly as successful as this stellar Report, and most likely because it was Caprica-bound, this season-long lived SyFy prequel to Battlestar Galactica was an often frustrating mix of sex, politics, religious fanaticism and virtual reality that was neither Cylon fish or fowl. But one major thing that Caprica had going for it was Bear McCrearys music, which now gets released via La La Land on a two-CD set. The rebooted Galactica saga benefitted by having the composer as its voice through every iteration, for which McCreary never failed to make different tweaks C yet while making sure all of the scores could be heard as playing in the same Earth-seeking, musical universe. If anything, his Caprica work stood out for being orchestrally sleeker, as well as hipper for its teen alt. reality vixens. Flutes, pianos and an overall brooding feel fill Caprica, conveying the unlikable characters twisted, yet simmering neuroses, especially when it came to old-time anti-robot religion. Upgrade your home today!Gives a basic overview of Stone carving tools and demonstrates their use.

Its this often beautiful, theme-drenched organic approach that makes Caprica so mesmerizing, once again showing off Glass-ian rhythms, Yarboroughs haunting voice and melancholy instrumental solos, all while ethnic percussion paints the shadows of the Cylon Gotterdammerung to come. Likely the last music that McCreary will be writing for one of the most impressive musical sagas in genre TV history, Caprica provides a memorable musical capper, even if SyFy felt they needed the unfortunately toasterd Adama prologue Blood and Chrome to try and wipe Capricas taste from fans mouths. Here, the pleasure is all in the ears. Perhaps Capricas national anthem will even get you to stand up and salute McCrearys accomplishment, let alone the piano props he gives to Stu Phillips for starting the Galactica journey on ABC.

Subtlety has never been a particular strong suit of Ronald F.Bring the beauty of nature into your home and enhance your tile designs with natural stone tiles and Xiamen Shun Stone Granite slabs. Maxwell, a Civil War Ccentric filmmaker whos usually painted Americas battle of brother against brother in gigantic strokes- visually, and musically in such epics as Gettysburg and Gods and Generals. Perhaps thats what makes Maxwells unexpectedly small-scale look at our nations most tragically divisive event so effective, turning a small town in upstate New York into the war at home between those who want to take on The South, and the pacifist copperheads. But the true victory goes to composer Laurent Eyquem,Sdktapegroup aluminum foil tapes is a team of highly qualified professionals working together to provide our customers with the highest quality products who chooses to lay down a potential symphonic arsenal in favor of a lyrically soothing,aodepu overspeed governors can cover a broad range of rated loads and speeds and can be applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations. but no less emotional orchestral approach.

Right from the start of Copperheads gently flowing music, you can tell that Eyquem hails from the richly harmonic country that produced the likes of such superb melodists as Georges Delerue and Alexandre Desplat, a tradition that Eyquem impressively follows, but with a feeling thats homegrown America. As opposed to the sounds of conflicted patriotism, Eyquems strikingly thematic score sounds like it was plowed from the verdant farm fields and timberlands that its characters work.

Its lush in the bucolic sense of the word, summoning a powerfully restrained sense of time and place, whether through strings, fiddle or a solo piano that brings a classical element as well to the score. While there are also some rousing Aaron Copland-esque bits, Copperhead is mostly about the feelings of familial betrayal for what seems like it will be a Romeo and Juliet story, but ends up in a deeper, moving place. Thankfully, Eyquem doesnt push the music into tear-jerking pathos, choosing to play the movies most heart-rending moment as simply as possible. For a film thats exceptionally shot, if a bit long in the tooth in terms of running time and some spotty acting, Eyquems exceptionally well-played score elevates Copperhead further with production and performance gloss that sink in the tragic, but ultimately hopeful message of a country that would be better if everyone could just get along.

Few people would even know that lacrosse is an ancient sport practiced for millennia before a westerner ever showed up on our soil C a fact that plays intriguingly into a tribes vision quest to against a snobbish private school. To play that battle on the field, as overseen by a co-opted coach re-discovering his ethnic roots, Ralston mixes together American Indian music with the more recently traditional style of western film scoring. As powerfully performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra, Ralstons richly thematic score is full of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, music that keeps excellent track of the emotional plays at hand, all with electronic writing for suspense and meditation thats equally as effective.

But its the percussive, and wind-borne tradition of American Indian music that really sends Crooked Arrows soaring, with drums and winds evoking the game as far more of a contest of honor than scoring points, dutifully avoiding Indian music clichs all the while. But just when you might think Ralstons approach is going to be all noble native, he throws in honkytonk and a heavy metal rock guitar to give the score the thoroughly modern, and rebellious attitude of its young team members who go from zeroes to heroes. Its this kind of constantly surprising depth and sense of sports adventure that will hopefully let Crooked Arrows fly Ralston straight, and deservedly into the big leagues with his terrific score thats seemingly shot out of from nowhere.

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How ancient Egyptian jewelry came

Ancient Egyptian beads found in a 5,000-year-old tomb were made from iron meteorites that fell to Earth from space, according to a new study. The beads, which are the oldest known iron artifacts in the world, were crafted roughly 2,000 years before Egypt’s Iron Age.

In 1911, nine tube-shaped beads were excavated from an ancient cemetery near the village of el-Gerzeh, which is located about 3,100 miles south of Cairo, said study lead author Thilo Rehren, a professor at UCL Qatar, a Western Asian outpost of the University College London’s Institute of Archaeology. The tomb dates back to approximately 3200 B.C., the researchers said.

Inside the tomb, which belonged to a teenage boy, the iron beads were strung together into a necklace alongside other exotic materials, including gold and gemstones. Early tests of the beads’ composition revealed curiously high concentrations of nickel, a telltale signature of iron meteorites.

But without definitive proof of the beads’ cosmic origins, questions persisted over whether similar amounts of nickel could be present in human-made iron. By scanning the iron beads with beams of neutrons and gamma rays, the researchers found high concentrations of cobalt, phosphorous and germanium; these elements were present at levels that only occur in iron meteorites.

“It’s really exciting, because we were able to detect sufficient cobalt and germanium in these beads to confirm they’re meteoritic,” Rehren said. “We had assumed this was the case for 100 years, but it’s nice to be able to put an exclamation mark on the label, rather than a question mark.”

The X-ray technology also revealed that the beads had been hammered into thin sheets before being meticulously rolled into tubes.”This meteoritic iron, it’s very hard material that you find in lumps, and yet here we see it in thin beads,” Rehren said. “The real question is, how were they made?”

Unlike softer and more pliable metals like gold and copper, working with solid iron required the invention of blacksmithing,Sdktapegroup aluminum foil tapes is a team of highly qualified professionals working together to provide our customers with the highest quality products which involves repeatedly heating metals to red-hot temperatures and hammering them into shape.”It’s a much more elaborate operation and one that we assumed was only invented and developed in the Iron Age, which started maybe 3,000 years ago not 5,000 years ago,” Rehren said.

The researchers suggest the iron meteorites were heated and hammered into thin sheets, and then woven around wooden sticks to create 0.8-inch-long (2 centimeters), tube-shaped beads. Other stones found in the same tomb displayed more traditional stone-working techniques, such as carving and drilling.Gives a basic overview of Stone carvingtools and demonstrates their use.

“This shows that these people, at this early age, were capable of blacksmithing,” Rehren said. “It shows a pretty advanced skill with this difficult material. It might not have been on large scales, but by the time of the Iron Age, they had about 2,000 years of experience working with meteoritic iron.”
This is not the first time beads from this Egyptian tomb have been linked to the cosmos. Earlier this year, in May, researchers at the Open University and University of Manchester published a paper in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science about the celestial origins of the ancient beads.

Other researchers have identified different artifacts that also have space origins. Last year, German scientists discovered a Buddha statue that was carved from a meteorite between the eighth and 10th centuries.

So how did iron beads come to exist centuries before iron became a prevalent metal? A new study found evidence that the iron that made these ancient beads came from space. More specifically, the paper,These beautiful crystal mosaic are perfect for kitchen, bath, backsplash, pool, and spa.Dedicated to the manufacturing of pressure sensitive BOPP tapes with different supports. published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, suggests that early metalworkers used iron found in meteorites.

Iron can be a tricky metal to deal with in the context of artifacts because all iron doesnt come from ore. Iron can be a by-products of copper smelting; it can be meteoric iron, which is to say, iron that came from space; or it can happen that younger iron somehow makes its way into an older archaeological site contaminating it. There are some minerals, like magnetite, that are easy to mistake for corroded iron. And it gets trickier because iron is hard to test non-invasively, meaning without cutting the object. And cutting 5,000 year old beads is pretty much out of the question.aodepu overspeed governors can cover a broad range of rated loads and speeds and can be applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations.

The ancient beads are tubular, and were found in two separate ancient burial sites. Seven were found in one tomb, three arranged on the deceaseds waist and four arranged on a necklace, and the last two beads were found in a separate site near the corpses hands. Both sites were sealed, which made dating them and the iron beads easy. But explaining how they got there was another matter. These nine little beads seemingly occupy a unique, and strange, place in the history of metal use.

The shape of the beads was obtained by smithing and rolling, most likely involving multiple cycles of hammering, and not by the traditional stone-working techniques such as carving or drilling which were used for the other beads found in the same tomb,” lead author Professor Thilo Rehren of the University College London said in a release.

Complicating the matter further is the simple fact that, as one might expect, all iron isnt created equally. Meteoritic iron has several characteristics that distinguish it from smelted iron, notably the large crystal grain size. Meteoric iron also has higher concentrations of nickel, cobalt, phosphorus, and germanium. There is also some presence of mineral phases such as schreibersite and rhabdite, cohenite, troilite, and sphalerite in iron that comes to Earth from space.

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Vijay Starrer Gets off to Solid Start

Advance bookings for “Thalaivaa” are high and the film is expected to make a good opening on the first day. The delay in its release has generated a lot of buzz among film lovers.

The action drama has already made it to the theatres in other Indian states as well as in overseas markets. Despite mixed reviews, the film has performed well at the domestic and international box offices.

“Thalaivaa” is expected to score big at the Tamil Nadu box office as it is the home ground for Vijay. The actor enjoys a massive fan following in the south Indian state.

“Thalaivaa” has released in around 405 screens across the state. “#Thalaivaa Total number of screens in TN = 405. Huge for a film releasing 11 days after its worldwide release & that too on a working day!” senior film journalist Sreedhar Pillai tweeted.

The Dolby Atmos version of the film (for better cinema sound experiences) will be shown in four screens in Tamil Nadu – Sathyam, Escape, Mayajaal and The Cinema.

Fans have been eagerly waiting to see “Thalaivaa” ever since the film was announced. The delay in its release, owing to threats faced by theatre owners, had caused major disspointement among fans. Following this, actor Vijay released an official statement urging his fans to remain calm until the film gets released.

The issue surrounding the film’s release was finally resolved and the action drama flick saw the light of day on Tuesday. Fans celebrated the film’s release in several theatres. Some of them went a step further and brought “Thalaivaa” reel box to Chennai’s Udhayam theatre in a massive chariot.

Directed by AL Vijay, “Thalaivaa” boasts of an interesting star cast including Vijay, Amala Paul,These beautiful crystal mosaic are perfect for kitchen, bath, backsplash, pool, and spa. Sathyaraj, Santhanam, Nassar, Ponvannan, Rajeev Pillai and Abhimanyu Singh. The film’s storyline is about a common man who turns into a leader following the death of his father.

“Thalaivaa” is one of the most-awaited films of 2013, as Vijay’s earlier release “Thuppakki” was a massive blockbuster and reportedly grossed more than ?150 crore at the worldwide box office. It remains to be seen if “Thalaivaa” would be able to gross higher than “Thuppakki.”

Zo heeft Crammerock op zaterdag de psychedelische rockveteranen van The Flaming Lips kunnen strikken. Vorig jaar brachten die hun pretentieloze bombast nog naar de main stage van Dour, inclusief extatisch dansende vrouwen, een gigantische hamsterbal en een overdosis confetti. Wie hierbij spontaan vreest voor Major Lazer-taferelen, mag echter op beide oren slapen: The Flaming Lips gebruiken hun bevreemdend spektakel niet als gimmick om muzikale oppervlakkigheid te verhullen. Dat hebben ze dit jaar nog bewezen met hun nieuwe album The Terror, een weerbarstige brok desolate krautrock. Toch hoeft het niet altijd zo serieus: later dit jaar staat er een album met of all people Ke$ha op het programma.

Het jonge geweld van Soldiers Heart bewees op Pukkelpop in een stampvolle Wablief?! dat ze evenmin vies zijn van de nodige confetti en ambiance. Kap daar hun zomerse, dromerige synthpop bij, met knipogen naar Beach House en The Knife, en je hebt het recept voor een geknipte festivalact. Ongeveer tien seconden,aodepu overspeed governors can cover a broad range of rated loads and speeds and can be applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations. de eerste tien, leek Soldiers Heart interessant te gaan worden, luidde het verdict bij Humos Rock Rally, maar gelukkig bleek Studio Brussel over meer langetermijnvisie te beschikken en bombardDedicated to the manufacturing of pressure sensitive BOPP tapes with different supports.eerde het radiostation de Antwerpenaren meteen tot De Nieuwe Lichting.Gives a basic overview of Stone carving tools and demonstrates their use. Met succes, zo blijkt: dankzij hun radiohit African Fire (He goes all the way, he goes all the wa-ay) heeft het vijftal al een zomer barstensvol optredens achter de rug,In 2009, aodepu successfully passed the ISO9001 Quality System certification and CE certification. en een eerste langspeler is ondertussen in de maak.

Met Sir Yes Sir programmeert Crammerock nog een andere Belgische belofte. Alhoewel, belofte: met een eerste album bij EMI, enkele Afrekening-hits en een passage op Pukkelpop onder de arm kunnen de rockers rond multi-instrumentalist Tijs Delbeke bezwaarlijk broekies genoemd worden. Het woord verwijst hier dan ook vooral naar het enorme potentieel van de Antwerpenaren, die genuanceerde en gevarieerde songwriting combineren met gelaagde arrangementen, inclusief eigenzinnige saxofoon. Wie na hun debuut We Should Talk de indruk kreeg dat EMI de scherpe randjes al te veel wilde afvijlen, mag gerustgesteld worden door hun groeiende live-reputatie en overtuigende podiumprsence. Nog een reden nodig? Misschien pakt saxofonist Alban Sarens zijn vriendin Evi Hanssen wel mee. Er is een lelijker publiek denkbaar.

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